[ISN] Gaza and Crimea conflicts could have been predicted by monitoring cyber attacks

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/11034421/Gaza-and-Crimea-conflicts-could-have-been-predicted-by-monitoring-cyber-attacks.html By Harriet Alexander telegraph.co.uk 14 Aug 2014 Surges in cyber attacks could be used as an early warning system to predict conflicts between countries, researchers from an internet security company have found. Before both the recent Gaza conflict and the annexation of Crimea analysts noted a spike in “malware” – malicious software – sending out messages. “We can see the digital equivalent of troops on the border,” said Kevin Thompson, a threat analyst for FireEye – the security company which carried out the research. Many countries are now using malware to both gather intelligence and actively attack targets in hostile countries. “If the US, or Korea, or Japan was about to go to war, you would see a bump in callbacks – it’s just part and parcel of today’s national security undertakings,” said Kenneth Geers, one of the researchers. […]