[ISN] How healthcare can learn from retail’s IT security mistakes

http://healthitsecurity.com/2014/07/24/how-healthcare-can-learn-from-retails-it-security-mistakes/ By Patrick Ouellette Health IT Security July 24, 2014 There’s little doubt the healthcare industry’s perception of security and compliance has changed to a serious one within the past few years. While regulatory demands and business needs are certainly strong drivers, what should healthcare organizations be focusing on as cybersecurity threats grow in stature? Eric Cowperthwaite of Core Security and former CISO for Providence Health discussed with HealthITSecurity.com how identifying risks early on can help reduce exposures. The days of organizations that put effort into IT security being only large hospital systems and other organizations that had some sort of significant problem are certainly over. According to Cowperthwaite, there are a few indicators within the past 12-18 months that leads him to believe healthcare organizations, large and small, across the country are focusing on information security. “First is the amount of information security leaders hiring that’s being done,” he said. “And the second piece of it is the number of organizations that are sending their people to [security] conferences and training to help them interact with products and services providers.” Many of these changes have been driven by regulatory compliance, such as HIPAA, HITECH and Meaningful Use, but Cowperthwaite said there are other regulatory considerations, such as any hospital system being a tier 1 PCI merchant. Beyond compliance, the reality these days is that these organizations have a lot of data and there a lot of “bad actors” out there who like to steal data. There are main areas of focus that organizations should be beginning to worry about. First, Cowperthwaite said, though everyone is concerned about PHI disclosures because of bad publicity and potential fines, the other side of PHI disclosures is medical insurance fraud. […]