[ISN] Fresh threat to critical infrastructure found in Havex malware

http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2356410/fresh-threat-to-critical-infrastructure-found-in-havex-malware By Alastair Stevenson V3.co.uk 21 Jul 2014 A dangerous open-platform communication (OPC) scanner that could be used to launch cyber attacks against critical infrastructure areas has been discovered in a variant of the Havex malware. The scanner was uncovered by researchers at FireEye while investigating a variant of Havex commonly referred to as “Fertger” or “Peacepipe”. Threat intelligence analyst at FireEye Kyle Wilhoit said the scanner is dangerous as it could be used by hackers to target the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used in many critical infrastructure areas, including water and power plants. “If an attacker wanted to attack an OPC server, they would need and want details of the OPC servers they were targeting. Having the OPC scan data gives the attacker enough information to start possible next phases of attack against a SCADA environment,” he said […]