[ISN] US firm helps Hamas, Netanyahu keep hackers at bay

http://www.timesofisrael.com/us-firm-helps-hamas-netanyahu-keep-hackers-at-bay/ By David Shamah The Times of Israel July 14, 2014 There isn’t much Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Hamas have in common — but one thing they do agree on is how to keep their websites safe from hackers. Both rely on a web service called CloudFlare, which helps customers avoid hacking and denial of service attacks. CloudFlare enables users to mask their location and Internet connection service providers. As a result, would-be hackers don’t which server to attack, so they can’t try to pull a site down by hacking into it or attempting a denial of service attack. Critics complain that CloudFlare provides protection equally to nations, legitimate concerns, criminals, and terrorists. As Hamas fires hundreds of rockets at Israel, and the Israeli air force hits back at Gaza, hackers sympathetic to Hamas have over the past several days hacked into numerous Israeli websites, as is common during periods of increased tension. Several days ago, for example, anti-Israel hackers defaced one of the most popular Israeli Facebook pages, StatusHunter, replacing the content with a slideshow purporting to show how the IDF was making Gazans suffer. […]