[ISN] Top FBI cybercrime expert was a discount furniture salesman before joining and thwarting online theft and fraud worldwide

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2690798/Top-FBI-cybercrime-expert-discount-furniture-salesman-joining-thwarting-online-theft-fraud-worldwide.html By ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTER 13 July 2014 J. Keith Mularski’s world has expanded greatly since he stopped selling discount furniture to join the FBI 1998. Especially since he transferred from Washington, D.C., in 2005 to fill a vacancy in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s field office’s cyber squad – which he now heads. Since then, Supervisory Special Agent Mularski has been recognized as a foremost expert on cybercrime. His profile has risen even more since the Justice Department used Mularski’s sleuthing to bring two indictments with worldwide ramifications. In May, five Chinese Army intelligence officers were charged with stealing trade secrets from major manufacturers including U.S. Steel, Alcoa and Westinghouse. In June, a Russian man was charged with leading a ring that infected hundreds of thousands of computers with identity-thieving software, then using the stolen information to drain $100 million from bank accounts worldwide. Mularski, 44, said in April during an oral history interview for the National Law Enforcement Museum that he became a furniture salesman out of college because jobs were hard to come by then. He spent about five years in the business before joining the FBI. […]