[ISN] Police: Fake security officer tries to get password to stolen computer in Sand Springs

http://www.kjrh.com/news/local-news/police-fake-security-officer-tries-to-get-password-to-stolen-computer-in-sand-springs KJRH.com July 9, 2014 TULSA – Sand Springs police say they arrested a man after he posed as a security officer in an attempt to get the password for a stolen computer. Investigators say Frank Sudduth, 23, stole jewelry and a laptop computer from a neighbor and later returned to the apartment later wearing a police T-shirt in an attempt to get the password to unlock the computer. Police say Sudduth went to the victim’s apartment and told her son that he was a security officer and needed the password so that a report could be filed and turned in to the management office. Officers say Sudduth took the T-shirt from the closet of his roommate, who had recently been hired by the Kiefer Police Department. […]