[ISN] Organisations fail to encrypt sensitive data, shows Infosecurity Europe survey

http://www.computerweekly.com/news/2240224164/Organisations-fail-to-encrypt-sensitive-data-shows-Infosecurity-Europe-survey By Warwick Ashford ComputerWeekly.com 09 July 2014 More than a third of organisations are failing to encrypt sensitive data sent outside their systems, a survey has revealed. Nearly 36% of more than 200 security professionals, polled at Infosecurity Europe 2014 in London, admitted their organisations are not using encryption for sharing sensitive data. “This statistic is cause for alarm, particularly given that encryption provides protection for companies against cyber criminals, competing companies and even governments,” said Terence Spies, CTO of Voltage Security, the company that conducted the survey. “Encryption is the key to keeping sensitive data away from prying eyes because encrypting data at the source means that hackers or malicious actors will not be able to see or use the information, even if they do manage to intercept it.” […]