[ISN] Hackers threaten ‘Israhell’ cyber-attack over Gaza

http://www.timesofisrael.com/hackers-threaten-israhell-cyber-attack-over-gaza/ By David Shamah Times of Israel July 9, 2014 As the war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza rages on, anti-Israel hackers are gearing up for yet another large-scale cyber-attack on Israel. Set for Friday, July 11, #OpSaveGaza, anti-Israel hackers promise, the denial of service (DDOS) attack will be the “greatest campaign ever against ‘Israhell,’ to expose their terrorist activity to the world,” hackers wrote Such politically motivated cyber-attacks are almost routine, and so far israel’s record of foiling them is good. Israel is ready, said Dina Beer, CEO of the Israel Internet Association (ISOC), which administers Israel’s Internet connections to the rest of the world. “I won’t say that such attacks are easy to deal with, but we are always ready to deal with them,” she told The Times of Israel. “Israel faces DDOS and hack attacks every day, so we’re experienced with how to deal with them. The difference during times of crises like these is the number of hackers that participate in the attacks.” Despite that experience, it would be foolish to dismiss the attacks, said Isaac Ben-Israel, head of the Tel Aviv University’s Yuval Neeman Workshop for Science, Technology, and Security. […]