[ISN] Ancient vulnerabilities are geddon in the way of security

http://www.zdnet.com/ancient-vulnerabilities-are-geddon-in-the-way-of-security-7000031192/ By Stilgherrian for The Full Tilt ZDNet.com July 3, 201 “We are failing at communicating to the rest of the world,” says James Lyne, global head of security research at Sophos. “I think that we have a fundamental broken behaviour in this industry that we need to go and shift.” And he’s got numbers to back up his claim. Lyne has been warbiking. That’s exactly the same thing as wardriving, that is, driving around a city to map out its open and poorly secured wireless networks, but with more lycra. His results for London and San Fransisco are already online, and those for Las Vegas, Hanoi and Sydney are coming soon. On Wednesday, journalists were given a preview of Sydney’s results, which Lyne described as the “least worst of a bad bunch”. Of the 34,476 wi-fi networks he detected while cycling Sydney streets, 1,371 (3.98 percent) were still using the obsolete Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) protocol. That’s significantly better than San Francisco’s 9.5 percent, which presumably has so many obsolete wireless networks because it rolled them out sooner, but it’s still a worry. “WEP is just broken, bad, has been known-bad for such a long time, and there really isn’t a context in which it should be used now — and it’s still remarkably present,” Lyne told ZDNet. […]