[ISN] The Downside of Not Exhausting a $6 Billion Cyber Contract

http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2014/06/downside-not-exhausting-6-billion-cyber-contract/87577/ By Aliya Sternstein Nextgov.com June 30, 2014 Agencies are partially taking advantage of a huge bulk-price governmentwide deal to help automate network vulnerability-tracking and fix problems in real-time, according to federal officials. If departments underutilize the arguably complex acquisition program, the upshot could be saving money on a potentially $6 billion contract. But if agencies latch onto the five-year endeavor, they could save money elsewhere, by eliminating the hundreds of millions of dollars currently spent on audit paperwork and incident response, advocates say. The so-called continuous diagnostics and mitigation project