[ISN] This Site Shows Who Is Hacking Whom Right Now — And The US Is Getting Hammered

http://www.businessinsider.com/norse-hacking-map-shows-us-getting-hammered-2014-6 By Jeremy Bender Business Insider June 26, 2014 U.S.-based computer security firm Norse has released a real-time animated map that illustrates ongoing cyberattacks around the world. Without a doubt, the U.S. is getting constantly hammered by hackers. In just 45 minutes, the U.S. was the victim of 5,840 cyberattacks. Within that span of time, the U.S. suffered from 27 times more cyberattacks than Thailand, the second most targeted country. Thailand was the target of only 220 cyber attacks during these 45 minutes. The Norse map does not represent all hacking attempts in the world. Instead, according to Smithsonian Magazine, the map relies on a Norse honeypot network — a network purposefully designed to detect hacking — to provide a representative snapshot of global hacking attempts. […]