[ISN] Security industry runs aground

http://news.techeye.net/business/security-industry-run-aground By a staff writer TecheEYE.net 26 June 2014 The IT security industry is unable to cope with cybercrime and needs to come up with a better way of protecting customers. Eugene Spafford, a computer security expert and professor of computer science at Purdue University, said that the security industry is just adding layers of defensive technologies to protect systems. However it can’t deal with the most substantial, underlying problems that sustain a sprawling cybercrime syndicate. Talking at the FIRST security conference in Boston, Spafford said that software makers continue to churn out products riddled with vulnerabilities, creating an incessant patching cycle for IT administrators that siphons resources from more critical areas. He said that the problem was so bad that today businesses are rushing to invest in many of the latest security technologies designed to detect infections without any ability to efficiently fix them. […]