[ISN] People invested $1.2 million in an app that had no security

http://www.zdnet.com/people-invested-1-2-million-in-an-app-that-had-no-security-7000030794/ By Violet Blue Zero Day ZDNet.com June 23, 2014 Proving that no one learned from Snapchat’s security and privacy spectacle, people invested $1.2 million in an app that had essentially no security. Despite the news it was hacked only days after its media fanfare, Yo still isn’t coming clean. Last week free Android and iOS app “Yo” was top in Google Play and iTunes downloads and hot in tech press, with much fanfare focusing on its pointlessness, popularity and sizable cash backing. By Friday night the app had been hacked five ways until Sunday (literally). After Friday night’s report Yo had been hacked and people were sending “Yos” as Elon Musk (among other things), Yo founder Or Arbel told TechCrunch that Yo was “having security issues.” […]