[ISN] Culture clash: How physical security is impacted by cultural norms

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2365849/physical-security/where-culture-and-security-clash.html By Grant Hatchimonji CSO Online June 23, 2014 Physical perimeter security can differ from facility to facility, with myriad factors playing into what exactly is implemented, including budget and the assets that are being protected. But what about geographical location and, subsequently, culture? It’s not one of the more obvious aspects that people consider when examining security, but it factors in more than one may think. Perimeter security varies from country to country, and their cultures have often proven to be both to the beneficial and detrimental. Generally speaking, there is a stronger culture of security overseas and most businesses are equipped with more stringent measures than what we see stateside, according to Eric Milam, managing principal at Accuvant. “Most organizations in the US, they appear to be somewhat behind the rest of the world,” he says. “Tailgating protection, knee knockers, man traps…we encountered that a lot more in Europe.” […]