[ISN] World Cup 2014: Experts warn of security threats

http://www.zdnet.com/world-cup-2014-experts-warn-of-security-threats-7000030594/ By Angelica Mari Brazil Tech June 16, 2014 Brazilians and foreign visitors in the country for the World Cup are being warned of a potential rise in security attacks. The lack of specific legislation and regulations for information security in Brazil coupled with its general vulnerability online — the country ranks eighth in the global league of cyberattacks, according to Symantec — could mean a higher risk to individuals during the soccer tournament, according to consulting Alvarez & Marsal. “Be prepared for online attacks, because chances are that you will be targeted,” says information security expert at Alvarez & Marsal, William Beer. One of the security threats locals and visitors should be aware of during the World Cup include Fake Wi-Fi Hotspots. Before using a Wi-Fi network, Beer suggests that it is wiser to use a more secure network, in locations such as hotels. “It is even more important not to enter passwords for services or make purchases online when connected to an unknown Wi-Fi, since your data may be recorded by criminals,” the security expert says. […]