[ISN] AT&T: ’twas conniving contractors who nicked your info

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/06/14/att_twas_conniving_contractors_that_nicked_your_info/ By Shaun Nichols The Register 14 Jun 2014 AT&T is warning customers that their personal information might have been breached as part of a scheme to unlock and resell devices. The company said in a filing to the California Attorney General’s office that employees at an unnamed service provider it works with had accessed the personal data of customers including social security numbers and date of birth. According to a letter the company has sent to customers, the breach occurred earlier this year between April 9 and 21 as three workers pulled the customer data in order to request unlock codes from AT&T which could then be used to remove the device from AT&T’s network and allow the device to be resold. The information was apparently part of a scheme by the group to unlock and resell devices on the AT&T network. The company typically allows users to unlock their devices from its network by entering a code which can be obtained from the company by supplying account information including portions of the customer’s social security number. […]