[ISN] Bank of England receives ‘7 or 8 cyber attacks a week’, says CISO

http://www.computerworlduk.com/news/security/3524486/bank-of-england-receives-7-or-8-cyber-attacks-week-says-ciso/ By Matthew Finnegan Computerworld UK 12 June 14 The Bank of England is fending off regular attempts to hack its into systems each week, with hactivists and nation states the most common culprits. “We get on average around eight incidents a week, and we are a central bank that is pretty small in number – around 4,000 people,” said Don Randall MBE, chief information security officer at the Bank of England, speaking at the Institute of Risk Management’s Cyber Risk 2014 Summit. “To date, none of these have caused any major harm – but they [cyber criminals] are definitely looking at it.” The weekly attacks include two or three denial of service attempts on average, some of which go through a service provider, as well as malware attacks such as spearphishing. According to Randall, the majority of attacks are believed to be from hacktivists and nation states, rather than criminals attempting to hack systems for financial gain, which are more likely to target the UK’s retail banks. […]