[ISN] Women in InfoSec: Building Bonds & New Solutions

http://www.darkreading.com/operations/careers-and-people/women-in-infosec-building-bonds-and-new-solutions/a/d-id/1269520 By Lysa Myers Dark Reading 6/9/2014 Learning, camaraderie, and fighting the good fight are just three reasons these women are trailblazing careers in InfoSec. There have been a lot of articles lately, suggesting a variety of ways to get young women involved in tech. Some of these ideas sound like fantastic and creative ways to make the true appeal of a career in tech more broadly tempting. Some of them…. well, not so much. It got me thinking: What was it that actually drew women who have careers in InfoSec into this industry? As a woman working in InfoSec for over a decade and a half, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming good friends with a number of other women in the field. It has occurred to me over the years how similar many of our stories are, both in terms of what attracted us to this industry, and of what we like and dislike about it now that we’re here. For all of us, a career in security was not something we had planned; it was simply something we fell into and found it fit our skillset nicely. Each of us had an interest in computers long before joining this industry. “For as long as I can remember my father preached that computers were the way of the future. I think I was writing programs and reporting defects in other people’s code long before I learned how to write in cursive,” one of my female colleagues told me. “By the time I was an adult, looking for flaws was second nature. Once I was given a chance to dabble in security I found I loved playing in that space as the ‘flaws’ were much more interesting.” […]

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