[ISN] Why New Macs Are DHS’ Key to Malware That Targets PCs

http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2014/06/why-new-macs-are-dhs-key-malware-targets-pcs/86113/ By Rebecca Carroll Nextgov.com June 9, 2014 A federal office that analyzes malicious code and compromised computers says it needs new MacPros with specialized software to analyze malware designed to undermine Windows-based systems. The vast majority of malware is written for PCs, explained the Homeland Security Department, justifying its requirement for buying name-brand computers for analysts in the Security Operations Center. “The host operating system should be something other than the operating system the malware was designed to exploit to avoid the potential for compromising the base OS and possibly spreading to other analysis machines sharing the network,” the agency said. The center’s analysts will run corrupted code on the Macs inside a sandbox