[ISN] Chester Nez, last of the World War II Navajo ‘code talkers, ‘ passes away quietly at 93

http://www.infosecnews.org/chester-nez-last-of-the-world-war-ii-navajo-code-talkers-passes-away-quietly-at-93/ By William Knowles Senior Editor InfoSec News June 5, 2014 Chester Nez, the last original Navajo Code Talker, has passed away quietly in his sleep at his Albuquerque home. Nez served with the United States Marines in the Pacific and helped defeat the Japanese by creating a code, using the Navajo language, and secret words that was never broken. Sent to a boarding school as a child, Nez and other Navajo children were discouraged from speaking their native language and instructed to only use English, but that didn’t stop them from whispering Navajo to each other in secret. In 1942, Navajo were recruited from boarding schools to join the Marines and use their unique skills to develop an unbreakable code to pass messages. […]