[ISN] Why did Microsoft choose to put its cybersecurity accelerator in Israel?

http://features.techworld.com/sme/3523085/why-did-microsoft-choose-to-put-its-cybersecurity-accelerator-in-israel/ By Sam Shead Techworld 03 June 2014 Microsoft is looking to make friends and partner with innovative tech start-ups across the world through designated spaces known as accelerators. Accelerators usually offer a fixed-term, cohort-based programme, that includes mentorship and educational components and culminates in a public pitch event or demo day where the start-ups can potentially secure funding. Microsoft has opened several accelerators for generic tech start-ups over the last couple of years in cities like Berlin, London and Tel Aviv but now it is looking to focus on particular areas where it sees a growing demand. That is why yesterday it announced it is launching a new cybersecurity programme out of its existing Tel Aviv accelerator. A Microsoft spokesperson said: “Israel is considered a hub of knowledge and excellence in the cyber space, and offers the range we were looking for with relevant start-ups, top-notch mentors and program partners. […]