[ISN] Flash Poll: The Hunt For Cyber Talent

http://www.darkreading.com/operations/flash-poll-the-hunt-for-cyber-talent-/a/d-id/1269272 By Marilyn Cohodas Dark Reading 5/30/2014 Our latest flash poll paints a nuanced picture of how the security skills shortage is playing out in hiring strategies for the SOC. For the Dark Reading security community the Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” has never been more true, at least when it comes to staffing. According to our latest flash poll, roughly eight out of 10 respondents say their companies are struggling with personnel issues related to the skills of in-house staff, finding qualified candidates for new positions, and having a sufficient budget to hire them. Worse, nearly a quarter of the security professionals who participated in the report say they are “too underwater” with the daily battle of fighting threats to even take the time to reflect and answer our question. Not surprisingly, only 13 percent of respondents say that they are not hiring, with a little more than half of that cohort reporting that their staffs and skills sets are adequate. For the rest, where head counts are sufficient, managers struggle to train existing security staff on the critical skills to protect corporate assets. A scant 5 percent of respondents in a hiring mode report having no trouble finding qualified candidates. […]