[ISN] American Express issues alert after Anonymous dumps cardholder data

http://www.csoonline.com/article/2304654/hacktivism/american-express-issues-alert-after-anonymous-dumps-cardholder-data.html By Steve Ragan CSO June 2, 2014 In a letter to the California Attorney General’s Office (OAG), American Express says that 76,608 people in the state will get a breach notification letter after some of their data was published by Anonymous Ukraine earlier this year. In March, Anonymous Ukraine released more than 7 million records as part of a protest against the financial firms that helped “enslave” people the world over. “After the USA showed its true face when she unilaterally decides which of the peoples to live independently and who under the yoke of the Federal Reserve, we decided to show the world who is behind the future collapse of the American banking system,” Anonymous Ukraine supporters wrote at the time. In all, they released 3,255,663 records from Visa; 1,778,749 records from MasterCard; 362,132 record from Discover; and 668,279 records from American Express. To date, only American Express has taken notification steps. […]