[ISN] F5 Networks Pounces on Fledgling Anti-DDoS Startup Defense.net

http://www.cio.com/article/753201/F5_Networks_Pounces_on_Fledgling_Anti_DDoS_Startup_Defense.net By John E Dunn CIO.com May 26, 2014 Less than a year on from its launch, DDoS fledgling Defense.Net has been bought by F5 Networks for an undisclosed sum. There has been a wave of security acquisitions recently, driven by the willingness of investors to cash in at what some now believe is the current high water mark for the security wave of the last five years. It’s hard to say whether Defense.net has fallen to this trend or whether it’s simply a logical next step to embed the cloud-based DDoS mitigation it offers inside a larger and better-resourced firm that already sells on-premise systems. Defense.Net’s launch pitch was also about not simply blocking DDoS attacks but doing so in a way that didn’t inadvertently cripple the systems it was supposed to defending or flood them with false positives. This might be another attraction; as DDoS mitigation has commoditised, vendors have looked for something, anything, to differentiate their offering from the many others out there. Given that its technology is recent, Defense.Net can plausibly can offer some of that. […]