China Indictments and China/US Relations

Although I am a proponent of global security cooperation. I do think that all countries need to cooperate and understand that in order for free trade and development across the globe, they need to participate fairly with each other in all markets. What this means is that all countries need to provide a fair working order for information flow, competitiveness and intellectual property protection for all organizations globally. It matters not which country we talk about here, we all must play fair with our intelligence programs. Intelligence gathering should be about increasing transparency between national political factions and each country’s military and not EVER used for economic advantage. I for one am for more cooperation and collaboration between Asian countries and the United States as well as Europe, but this means that Asian countries do have to play fair and by the same rules.

My take, is there needs to be an international agreement established to depict the “appropriate” uses of intelligence agencies and their intelligence gathering efforts. These rules must establish a ban on any use of intelligence gathering for intellectual property theft or economic advantage (beyond providing insight into legal and political constructs to govern fair competition). It is of course important for countries globally to monitor each other and part of the unique way that we understand and collaborate globally with every nation and I don’t propose we end our intelligence gathering efforts. I do think it is also understandable that intelligence gathering continue to include political and military planning as well as anti-terrorist goals, however commercial entity intellectual property should have mandatory protections established. Although gathering Intellectual property may be useful to nation state intelligence efforts, the most important part is that no data retrieved should be allowed to be disseminated to commercial entities in-country for economic advantage and must be codified in law.

A fair playing field with fair competition would mean that organizations globally including governments must properly license or develop their own intellectual property and not steal and duplicate the technology. Since we are now in the information age and a significant portion of trade is based on intellectual property, it is important that we properly protect and value information so that it can retain it’s value. It is important to note that even US entities must respect these same guidelines and protect the intellectual property gathered during their own intelligence gathering efforts (which I do believe to be the case).  Intellectual property can be traded legally by organizations through license or sales of  specific intellectual property. Alternatively companies globally and certainly gain economic advantage through fair competition for employees and engineers responsible for the development of technologies and patents.

Actions UN countries should take:

  • Establish international intelligence gathering and dissemination laws.
  • Ensure intellectual property rights can be enforced globally and allow efficient civil proceedings that can take place in a timely fashion.
  • Establish a cooperative structure that all participants remain committed.
  • Each country should establish laws governing their intelligence gathering efforts aligned to the international laws respecting these critical aspects to protect intellectual property and limit use of intelligence gathered to limit dissemination of intellectuwl property to commercial entities.