[ISN] Emory University Windows Network Wiped Out! Blame EMP’s, Cyberwar, Squirrels? Try Accidental Reformat.

http://www.infosecnews.org/emory-university-windows-network-wiped-out-blame-emps-cyberwar-squirrels-try-accidental-reformat/ By William Knowles Senior Editor InfoSec News May 18, 2014 On Monday May 12th 2014, sometime during the 169th Commencement Exercises of Emory University, what best could be called a career limiting move, a Windows 7 deployment image was accidentally sent to all Windows machines, (approximately 2000+ machines) including laptops, desktops, and even servers. This image started with a repartition / reformat set of tasks. As soon as the accident was discovered, the SCCM server was powered off – however, by that time, the SCCM server itself had been repartitioned and reformatted. Restoration of Emory.edu servers began immediately, but the process took far longer than expected, The Emory Information Technology team started using consultants to help validate the health of the SCCM servers and that work only completed only recently. To put this in perspective, Emory’s IT staff were unable to use the preferred methods for redeploying images to desktops/laptops and relied on older methods – USB + Ghost, LANDesk (Emory still had their old LANDesk server) + PXE. These methods required a lot of manual work plus their success was uneven with them. […]