[ISN] Cybercrime boss offers a Ferrari for hacker who dreams up the biggest scam

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/cybercrime-boss-offers-a-ferrari-for-hacker-who-dreams-up-the-biggest-scam-9349931.html By Paul Peachey Crime Correspondent The Independent 11 May 2014 The leader of a global cybercrime syndicate offered his associates a Ferrari for the hacker who came up with the best scam, according to a senior European security source. The gift – made on a professionally produced video hidden in a dark recess of the internet – formed the basis of a bizarre “employee of the month” competition for the organised crime gang. On the tape, a presenter is pictured in a car showroom alongside a Porsche, a Ferrari and glamorous female assistants who offer the prize for the most successful hacker. Troels Oerting, the head of the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), said this was a sign of the lengths that organised crime will go to recruit and retain young technological talent. The scheme – operated from an unspecified eastern European destination – highlights the huge rewards on offer for relative risk-free criminal operations that can net the masterminds millions of pounds from countries that operate as safe havens – far beyond the reach of European security officials. […]