A person with no values has no value.

I was on a walk with my two dogs today and I was thinking it had been some time since I posted a blog entry. I don’t often take enough time to sit down and put

thoughts into this blog because I have so many other writing outlets at the moment. However, While on my walk today I started to think about how important it is to have and what that means and translates into in the workplace.

Far too often businesses today are in an ever-changing rat race to a team greater profitability and efficiency. At the same time society has shifted focus away from values that distinguish us in this life towards caring little about each other and more about personal gain and selfishness. I to fall into that trap occasionally, and make the mistake of talking too much about myself or focusing on financial or political gain rather than really focusing on my core values.

For me, my core values relate to my work as a security practitioner. This translates into the following three core areas:

1. Caring about securing the world around me and the transactions that others are performing during their daily lives.

2. I like to surround myself with people who are caring and do things purposefully to help each other become successful.

3. I love to teach others so that they too could be successful, learn and adapt to situations they come across and orient themselves towards better outcomes.

Without these values, I can hardly claim success in my own personal life. I also think that these values have carried me through tough times and brought forth people into my life who care when I really needed it. If we as humans focus only on our own personal gain we quickly lose sight of what it is that we do in our lives and how others will remember us when we are no longer here. A person without values is not valuable. A person who is not focused on your customers, their employees and attach a personal core value to their job cannot achieve greatness in their role. To achieve greatness one must move beyond selfishness and seek to better the lives of those around them, financial gain will come from beginning the great path versus the lonely one.