[ISN] Red tape, ‘tattoo-aversion’ snarls government hiring of cybersecurity experts

http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-usa-cybersecurity-dhs-20140426,0,136919.story By Doina Chiacu Reuters April 26, 2014 In the race to attract cybersecurity experts to protect the government’s computer networks, the Department of Homeland Security has a handicap money can’t fix. Navigating the federal hiring system takes many months, which is too long in the fast-paced tech world. “Even when somebody is patriotic and wants to do their duty for the nation, if they’re really good they’re not going to wait six months to get hired,” said Mark Weatherford, the former cyber chief at DHS. After a spate of national security leaks and with cybercrime on the rise, the department is vying with the private sector and other three-letter federal agencies to hire and retain talent to secure federal networks and contain threats to American businesses and utilities. […]