[ISN] Hackers attack Spokeo, UN Civil Aviation Org in nine-site crime spree

http://www.zdnet.com/hackers-attack-spokeo-un-civil-aviation-org-in-nine-site-crime-spree-7000028594/ By Violet Blue Zero Day ZDNet News April 21, 2014 Adding to a list of high profile targets that includes Comcast, NullCrew released on Sunday evidence it added a major “people finder” data broker, the UN’s aviation regulation and security arm, the University of Virginia, Telco Systems and others to its growing catalog of those it has hacked and humiliated. The hackers of NullCrew claim in its Pastebin (e-zine) called “FTS Zine 5” that it also broke into Ukraine’s science center, where they claim to have discovered a database relating to individuals somehow working in “weapon code” production. NullCrew announced on Twitter that it published the evidence of hacking into nine sites Easter Sunday. As with its previous conquests NullCrew mocked its targets while explaining the attacks