[ISN] Host Unknown presents: I’m a C I Double S P (CISSP Parody)

http://www.infosecnews.org/host-unknown-presents-im-a-c-i-double-s-p-cissp-parody/ By William Knowles Senior Editor InfoSec News April 17, 2013 Here’s a 2:33 video that is safe for work, enjoy! -=- Think you know what being a CISSP is all about? Not all CISSP’s are equal, some are more equal than others! @HostUnknownTV brings just two contrasting views of the lifestyle of a CISSP starring @j4vv4d, @ThomLangford & @sirjester with the lyrical genius of @chrisriceuk. The song can be downloaded from: https://soundcloud.com/iamchrisrice/c-i-s-s-p * This video is NOT an ISC(2) endorsed production