[ISN] Qualifying Cyber Command Staff Is Harder Than You Think

http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2014/04/cyber-warrior-training-no-easy-task/82498/ By Aliya Sternstein Nextgov.com April 14, 2014 The Coast Guard Cyber Command aims to qualify a couple of service members for what Pentagon officials have said will be a 2,000-member force within the next two years. It will take all the military services a lot of time and money to get their members qualified for the force. For the Coast Guard, the task is even harder because it has no dedicated cyber school and splits its activities between defense and homeland security. The two-person figure, provided by the Coast Guard’s cyber chief, partly reflects the difficulty of instructing computer whizzes from various educational backgrounds to reach the same proficiency level. It takes resources. “This is 26, 27 weeks long or longer