[ISN] Israeli Hackers Expose ‘Amateurs’ Behind Anti-Israel Attack

http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/179572 By Ari Soffer Israel National News 4/13/2014 Israeli hackers have gone on the offensive against their anti-Israel opponents in revenge for the #OpIsrael hacking attack against Israeli sites and servers. After the failed “operation” by members of the “Anonymous” hacker network, Israeli hackers from Israel Elite Force took the fight to them – robbing them of their anonymity by posting details and even photos of some of the hackers on their website. The hacker behind the counterattack, an Israeli known as “Buddhax”, said that he did it to make anti-Israel hackers “think twice” before attacking Israeli sites, and to expose them as amateurs. Israeli hackers had already responded to attempts last week to infiltrate Israeli and Jewish sites by taking down or defacing anti-Zionist and Muslim sites. But Buddhax has gone a step further. […]