[ISN] Expert: Israel Needs More Cyber-Attack Specialists

http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/179376 By Shimon Cohen Arutz Sheva 4/7/2014 The threatened #opisrael cyber-attack turned out to be a dud – but Israel does not have enough manpower to ward off a major cyber-attack. Dr. Michael Orlov, head of the cyber-engineering department of Shamoon College Engineering in Be’er Sheva, explained the problem to Arutz Sheva Monday. As Orlov explained, the hacking projects against Israel by Anonymous – a loosely organized group of hackers worldwide, but for #opIsrael mostly localized to Middle-Eastern countries – is a childish attempt to “feel important,” and nothing more. Currently, cyber-attacks against Israel largely focus on replacing a site’s content with propaganda, and leaving a site alone after it is fixed. This, he said, “is not a serious problem.” Future attacks may be, however. Orlov emphasizes that if a major country – e.g. Iran – were to set aside the “relatively small amount” of $50 million dollars to establish a professional hacking team, Israel could be in trouble. “We have seen Iran do this in the past to other countries, like Saudi Arabia,” Orlov stated, “Hackers attacked, broke into [websites] and deleted information. If this happens, we cannot dismiss the impact of attacks.” […]