[ISN] Security flaws could give hackers control of power plants and oil rigs

http://www.itproportal.com/2014/04/04/security-flaws-could-give-hackers-control-of-power-plants-and-oil-rigs/ By Alex Hamilton IT Pro Portal 04 Apr 2014 Power plants, oil rigs and refineries could be at risk from hackers, new research shows, as there are vital bugs in their software that could allow an outsider to gain remote access. Around the world about 7,600 plants are using the vulnerable software that could allow an attacker with the “lowest skill in hacking” to exploit them. The software, named Centum CS 3000, was first released to run on Windows 98 and is used to monitor and control the heavy machinery in many of the globe’s large industrial installations. “We went from zero to total compromise,” Juan Vasquez, from security firm Rapid7, told the BBC. […]