[ISN] Security pros talk about playing defense against cybercrime

http://www.networkworld.com/news/2014/040314-cybercrime-280395.html By Ellen Messmer Network World April 03, 2014 Security professionals are playing defense against cybercrime, and often feel outgunned by tech-savvy hackers and insiders out to steal sensitive data from within the business. They see a shortage of qualified security personnel to call on, but also believe that threat-detection tools are getting better. Those were sentiments shared today by security experts from two large financial services companies, Citi and AIG, together with a special agent of the FBI at a panel discussion at Pace University in New York. When asked about the kind of things that worry them most, they were quick to point to the kind of attacks that are hard to stop and the difficulty in chasing cybercriminals around the globe. “Zero-day vulnerabilities bringing down the network,” said Bernadette Gleason, North American eCrime laboratory manager at Citi. Use of zero-day attacks by cybercriminals give them the advantage because they can exploit unknown vulnerabilities. “We’ve seen this happen and try to mitigate against it.” Like many businesses, Citi applies a defense-in-depth strategy but there’s also the realization that the financial services industry has to do better at “consumer awareness” by helping educate the public more about cybercrime, without confusing people with technical terms, she added. […]