[ISN] Middle Eastern hackers use remote access Trojan to infect 24, 000 machines worldwide

http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2337382/middle-eastern-hackers-use-remote-access-trojan-to-infect-24-000-machines-worldwide By Alastair Stevenson V3.co.uk 01 Apr 2014 Security firm Symantec has uncovered 487 groups actively using njRAT malware, claiming the malicious users have managed to infect 24,000 machines worldwide. Symantec threat lab researchers reported the campaigns in a blog post, confirming the hackers are using the njRAT malware for a variety of purposes. “Symantec has identified 487 groups of attackers mounting attacks using njRAT. These attacks appear to have different motivations, which can be broadly classed as hacktivism, information theft and botnet building,” the researchers said. “The malware can be used to control networks of computers, known as botnets. While most attackers using njRAT appear to be engaged in ordinary cyber-criminal activity, there is also evidence that several groups have used the malware to target governments in the region.” […]