[ISN] Hacked passwords can enable remote unlocking, tracking of Tesla cars

http://www.networkworld.com/news/2014/040114-hacked-passwords-can-enable-remote-280268.html [There was a good tweet about solving this problem now with a simple fix https://twitter.com/justinlundy_/status/449759008253964288 – WK] By Lucian Constantin IDG News Service April 01, 2014 Tesla Motors accounts are protected only by simple passwords, making it easy for hackers to potentially track and unlock cars, according to a security researcher. Tesla Model S owners need to create an account on teslamotors.com when they order their cars and the same account allows them to use an iOS app to remotely unlock the car’s doors, locate it, close and open its roof, flash its lights or honk its horn. Despite providing access to important car features, these accounts are only protected by a password with low-complexity requirements