[ISN] The good hacker: the wonderful life and strange death of Barnaby Jack

http://metromag.co.nz/current-affairs/the-good-hacker-barnaby-jack/ By Donna Chisholm @Donna_Chisholm metromag.co.nz March 18, 2014 From schoolboy dropout to world-famous hacker, Auckland-born Barnaby Jack lived hard and died young. On the way, he changed the technological world. The Jagermeister shot glasses are piling up along with the stories in the outside bar of Galbraith’s in Mt Eden Rd. It’s a stormswept Sunday in January, the six-month anniversary of the death of Barnaby Jack. A dozen of his friends are here to remember him in a pub he loved. Tonight, to them, he’s “Barnes”, their mate, not Barnaby Jack, the man the world knew as the elite hacker who could make ATM machines spew money, insulin pumps inject a lethal dose and heart pacemakers explode at a single command from a laptop

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