[ISN] 4th Flt Passes Cyber Security Inspection On First Attempt

http://mayportmirror.jacksonville.com/military/mayport-mirror/2014-03-26/story/4th-flt-passes-cyber-security-inspection-first-attempt March 26, 2014 From U.S. 4th Fleet Public Affairs U.S. 4th Fleet on March 21 concluded a weeklong cyber security inspection by a team from U.S. Fleet Cyber Command, earning a passing score on its first attempt. The inspection was a comprehensive, graded evaluation of all cyber security areas, including leadership engagement, physical security, administration, training and network configuration. U.S. 4th Fleet was recognized for excellent leadership engagement and received no deductions for culture or conduct. Further, U.S. 4th Fleet leaders made a point of learning from the inspection team, said its officer in charge, Capt. Larry Flint. “They said, ‘We’ve done our best, and we think we’re ready, but don’t pull any punches,’ and we certainly didn’t,” Flint said. The inspection team’s report to the fleet included several recommendations for improvement, as well as praise for good work. […]