[ISN] Poland’s military strikes new deal to bolster cybersecurity, starting with cryptography

http://www.zdnet.com/polands-military-strikes-new-deal-to-bolster-cybersecurity-starting-with-cryptography-7000027567/ By Michiel van Blommestein Central European Processing ZDNet News March 21, 2014 With the turmoil in neighbouring Ukraine, the timing of a new deal between the Polish ministry of defence and three of the country’s universities to boost cybersecurity seems hardly likely to be a coincidence. After an earlier deal under with the Polish defence ministry which saw new cybersecurity courses scheduled for the next academic year at the Military University of Technology, the Polish military on Thursday signed a new agreement with three regular universities. The agreement will bring in research collaborations in the areas of mathematical and information technology with the University of Warsaw, the Technical University of Warsaw, and the Technical University of Wroclaw. The military is especially keen on bolstering the numbers of the country’s