[ISN] Documentary to be filmed on the life of the last original Navajo Code Talkers, Chester Nez

http://www.infosecnews.org/documentary-to-be-filmed-on-the-life-of-the-last-original-navajo-code-talkers-chester-nez/ By William Knowles Senior Editor InfoSec News March 24, 2013 Chester Nez, the last surviving member of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers, will be the subject of filmmaker David DeJonge’s upcoming 30-minute documentary. “Chester is the last link from the Navajo people who forged a secret code that helped win the Second World War. Their code led to the training of 400+ additional Navajo code talkers. To record his story in first hand is critical to American and military history.” DeJonge said. DeJonge who is well known for his work with the last WWI veteran Frank Buckles, and also his documentary “Pershing’s Last Patriot”, began producing the documentary on Nez after a visit to Gallup, New Mexico. Nez served with the United States Marines in the Pacific and helped defeat the Japanese by creating a code, using the Navajo language, that was never broken. Sent to a boarding school as a child, Nez and other Navajo children were discouraged from speaking their native language and instructed to only use English, but that didn’t stop them from whispering Navajo to each other in secret. In 1942, Navajo were recruited from boarding schools to join the Marines and use their unique skills to develop an unbreakable code to pass messages. The film will tell Nez’s story from childhood through today. […]