Flight 370 – Drone-Like Airplane takeover for Emergency Situations

I read an article on Infosec Island today located here in which a former Clinton official spoke of placing a black box in the cloud. I agree, there is no reason this data cannot be stored externally rather than engage in the lengthy and costly search that ensues when airliners have issues. I’d also like to extend this concept a bit further. Why is it not completely possible to retrofit our existing airlines with drone-like command and control capabilities? I would suggest that we seriously consider a secure method of taking over an airplane in certain situations and completely shutting out the pilots. So if a terrorist tries and take command of a plane mid-air, we should have the ability to take over that plane and safely land it at the nearest airfield using the same technology that we use on drones. I realize there are many challenges here, but there is no reason this is not completely possible. Now off my soapbox.