Fox News Comments on Thailand: Flight 370

I just saw a news release with Greta Van Susteren about Thailand’s participation in the radar data for Flight 370. I myself have been searching online using’s satellite data in their crowdsourcing effort to search for flight 370. Although I can certainly understand how some people could be upset by the response that Thailand didn’t provide radar data “because they weren’t asked”. This sort of response is typical of Thai culture. My wife is Thai and I think that amoungst many cultures of the world, Thais are some of the most caring and loving people but their cultural norms make others (especially western cultures) feel like they don’t care. Quite in fact it is very common in Thai culture to avoid conflict and stay out of other people’s problems or situations entirely. In Thai culture their perception is that they are giving respect by staying out of other people’s business and affairs unless a Thai is asked directly to get involved. This is a deep rooted belief and likely why they did not get involved to provide data until there was a specific request for them to get involved. I know this runs contrary to Christian beliefs entirely but it is how the culture operates and this situation is likely being misinterpreted. In personal dealings with my own wife and her family I have found this dynamic to be troublesome and cause of some misunderstandings. I am certain that the Thai people care deeply for the loss of flight 370 just as much as any other country. Additionally the Thai government is in disarray adding difficulties to this scenario with severe problems in their parliament and leadership. I ask my fellow countrymen and others to not sit in judgement because of this odd cultural dynamic. My two cents. Peace!


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