[ISN] Sally Beauty confirms data breach

http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/sally-beauty-confirms-data-breach/2014/03/17/c644049a-adf5-11e3-96dc-d6ea14c099f9_story.html By Amrita Jayakumar The Washington Post March 17, 2014 Sally Beauty confirmed Monday that hackers broke into the supplier’s network, stealing the payment data of up to 25,000 customers. The information stolen included payment card numbers and the three-digit security codes, known as CVV numbers, the company said. The retailer said it does not store customers’ personal identification numbers (PINs). Customers will be notified if their information was stolen, said Sally Beauty, which is advising shoppers to check their bank statements for suspicious transactions. The company did not provide details on the nature of the breach, including whether it affected only shoppers who came into a store or also those who shopped online. The confirmation follows a statement by Sally Beauty this month that said it detected a breach Feb. 24 but had no evidence that customers’ data had been stolen. The breach was first reported by security blogger Brian Krebs. […]