[ISN] Google fixes 7 Chrome security holes just before CanSecWest

http://news.cnet.com/8301-1001_3-57620262-92/google-fixes-7-chrome-security-holes-just-before-cansecwest/ By Seth Rosenblatt CNET News March 12, 2014 Google has fixed seven security flaws in Chrome, just a day before the annual, real-time hacking competitions Pwnium and Pwn2Own. The new security update for Chrome on Windows, Mac, and Linux patched four flaws labeled as High, below the more important level of Critical; three flaws in its rendering engine V8; and updated its internal version of Flash Player. Three High-level vulnerabilities were found by three independent researchers, who earned a total of $8,000 for their work. The last High-level vulnerability was discovered by Google employees, as were the V8 vulnerabilities. […]