[ISN] Criminals on Tor is the price of global liberty

http://www.csoonline.com/article/749367/criminals-on-tor-is-the-price-of-global-liberty By Antone Gonsalves CSO Online March 06, 2014 Research pointing to rising criminality on Tor shows the cost of having a network that provides anonymity to whistleblowers, journalists, political dissidents and others trying to avoid government surveillance. Experts agreed on Thursday that nothing could be done to prevent cybercriminals from using Tor without raising the risk to legitimate users. Recent research by Kaspersky Lab expert Sergey Lozhkin found that “the cybercriminal element is growing” on the anonymity network. The way Tor is used by Chinese dissidents to skirt the Great Firewall and oppressive censorship is the same way criminals cloak the operators of marketplaces and forums where criminals can rent botnets for DDoS attacks or to distribute malware, buy stolen credit card numbers and launder bitcoins, the most widely used currency on the dark Web. “If it were possible to stop criminals from using Tor, it would be useless,” Julian Sanchez research fellow at the Cato Institute, said. “After all, the dissidents who use it to protect themselves are considered criminals by their own regimes.” […]