[ISN] China ramps up cybersecurity efforts, strives to become “Internet power”

http://news.techworld.com/security/3504470/china-ramps-up-cybersecurity-efforts-strives-to-become-internet-power/ By Michael Kan Techworld 28 February 2014 China is bolstering its efforts on cybersecurity with a new high-level committee that aims to turn the nation into an “Internet power,” the country’s official state media said Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping is leading the new government body, which held its first meeting on Thursday. Xi was quoted as stating that cybersecurity and information technology had become a matter of national security. “Without cybersecurity there is no national security, without information technology there is no modernization,” Xi added. Increasingly, China has found itself embroiled in cybersecurity issues. Over the years, the nation has fended off accusations that it carries out state-sponsored hacking attacks. Those allegations reached fever pitch last year when a U.S. security firm claimed it had documented evidence that China’s military had spearheaded cyberattacks against the U.S. […]