[ISN] HIMSS14: 10 healthcare data security challenges

http://healthitsecurity.com/2014/02/24/himss14-10-healthcare-data-security-challenges/ By Mac McMillan Health IT Security February 24, 2014 This week many of us will head off to the HIMSS14 annual conference in Orlando. For some this will represent a break from this years harsh winter weather, for others a welcome break from the routine and a chance to see what’s new, and for others a chance to look for that thing they have been wanting to add to their program. I hope it will also be a chance for some to get more familiar with the privacy and security challenges that face this industry and learn from many of the great sessions that will be presented on these topics. Maybe even come by and see David Holtzman and I on Wednesday talk about risk management in the context of the OCR’s audit results and others analysis. To help focus your selection of sessions to attend and things to talk to others about, I decided to provide my list of top 10 security challenges to consider. 1. Insider abuse