[ISN] Israel Electric Opens Cyber-War Room to Defend Against Power-Grid Hacks

http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-19/israel-electric-opens-cyber-war-room-to-defend-against-power-grid-hacks.html By Gwen Ackerman Bloomberg Feb 19, 2014 Israel’s main power company opened a cyber “war room” this week to defend its systems around the clock from hackers. Technicians at Israel Electric will monitor as many as 400 million cyber-attacks and hacking attempts a day. “There are hundreds of thousands of attempts to infiltrate Israel Electric’s networks every day,” Israel Electric Chairman Yiftach Ron-Tal said in an e-mailed statement yesterday. “We are talking here about a threat on a national level.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that one goal of his government is to turn Israel into a world leader in cyber-technologies. In 2012, Netanyahu formed the National Cyber Bureau, which said last month that it plans to establish an emergency-response team for cyber-attacks. President Shimon Peres has spent the last month making public appearances to promote Israeli technology, including cyber-security. In the past three years, the country’s cyber-security industry has grown from a few dozen companies to about 220 that have raised more than $400 million, according to the Tel Aviv-based IVC Research Center. Twenty multinational companies now operate online-security development centers in Israel. […]